What To Wear

Here are a few guides to help you think about what to wear for your sessions.  Even if the clothing pictured here is no longer available in the store, you can see look at the color combination and coordination for ideas.  If you have any questions about clothing for your upcoming session don’t hesitate to contact me or ask for suggestions during your consultation.

If you are still unsure about clothing you have choose, I recommend bringing a few changes of clothes to your portrait sessions and we can work together to choose which options would be best.  Don’t feel like you have to go buy new clothes for your session, clothing that you are comfortable in, or your favorite items will work out best.

A good tip is if you wear heels it to bring shoes to walk around in too, because we will be walking around.

Children: Bright colored and funky clothing works best. And bare feet are really fun! Fun dress up clothes are fun too, its always fun to have a fairy or a cowboy, and tutus are the cutest for little girls.  I have a few tutus  and pettiskirts, just ask about them.

Newborn: A cute outfit can be nice but newborn sessions are best when the baby is in just a diaper cover or their birthday suit.  Clothing can overwhelm a tiny baby easily.  If you have a special blanket, please bring it along!

What Not to Wear: Any clothing you know you will be uncomfortable wearing.  Don’t wear matching outfits.  Instead wear colors that compliment and coordinate with each other. Also avoid black shirts because you tend to blend into the backgrounds.

WTW Summer 2010




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